Dar Arbalou, the Berber carpet of Morocco

Buy your Berber carpet right from the source; from Moroccan women expert in the ancestral art of weaving

La dextérité des mains des femmes berbères pour le tissage du tapis

The authentic Berber carpet

The sudestmaroc.com webzine is developing a new service to promote and support Moroccan women from Amazigh tradition, and expert in the art of carpet weaving.

You will be able to order the weaving of your carpet according to your choice of size, color and pattern.

You will get to know craftswomen in their home environments.

You will be able to follow the fabrication remotely.

And you can plan a visit to the villages.

The following catalog presents the Craft Women’s creations from two villages around Ouarzazate, the Zaouit Sidi Ahmed douar and the Imzoughen douar.

Fatouma, Fatima, Khadija, Sfia and Samira have all perfectly mastered the ancestral expertise of Berber carpet-weaving, passed from each generation to generation by their mothers.

Although this place is the land of the Aït Ouaouzguite tradition, these craftswomen are able to make all other styles of rugs and carpets from other regions (Beni Ouarain, Azilal …) as well as the more common styles such as the Boucherouite rag-rugs, made from scraps of fabric of varying colours.

In particular, they can make carpets from one of the models presented in the catalogue, according to the size you would like, or according to your own choice of colours and patterns.

You can now contact us to order your carpet or if you have any other queries.


January 8, 2021

A new rug joins the Dar Arbalou collection: Boucherouite style rug made from scraps of fabric.

Carpet made by Fatouma Naciri.

Dar Arbalou- Tapis berbère Boucherouite
Dar Arbalou - Boucherouite Berber carpet - 2.50 m x 1.20 m

January 6, 2021

Berber life, between authenticity and sobriety.

December 22, 2020

Khadija El Khattabi begins weaving the first carpet ordered from the new Dar Arbalou service.

Beni Ouarain style and a length of 2.30 m x 1.70 m, the weaving should be spread over 2 weeks at the rate of Khadija’s days.


Women at the heart of the Berber tradition

Fatouma Naciri

Fatima Bamoussa

Sfia Aït Bella

Samira Moutous

Samira Moutous

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