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The sudesmaroc.com webzine is a project of the Almaouja association established in Ouarzazate, Morocco.

Technical management is provided by the communication agency EAC, established in Ouarzazate, Morocco

The sudestmaroc.com webzine is hosted by OVH.

The sudestmaroc.com webzine needs the support of its readers to succeed in its editorial project: support sudestmaroc.com

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Mail adress

Association Almaouja
BP 217
45000 Ouarzazate

President of Almaouja association

Abdejalil Didi
Tel : +212 625 75 75 52
Email : abdeljalil.didi@almaouja.org

Editorial manager

Eric Anglade
Tel : +212 661 24 79 83
Email : eric.anglade@sudestmaroc.com

Website of Almaouja association


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